Acomni Ondo

Acomni, with Ondo, developed a complete new way of looking at home temperature and energy consumption. Ondo is a Wi-Fi enabled HVAC monitoring device that allows users to visualize their energy expenses. Using provided utility rates and weather forecasting along with our patented algorithm, Ondo is able to learn a home's heating/cooling requirements. Ondo then provides users with an estimate of future heating/cooling costs.

How it works

Simply plug in Ondo and set your normal heating and cooling schedule using the Ondo mobile app. Ondo communicates over Wi-Fi to monitor the energy usage of your heating/cooling system.

Centralized servers at Acomni then log and analyze the data.

Potential Benefits of Using Acomni Ondo in the Home

Users have complete control over their unit. They can change the temperature to meet their comfort level and immediately view the how this effects their monthly expense. There are no costly surprises at the end of the month because they control their monthly heating and cooling cost.

The Ondo Moblie app provides: (Figure 1.1)

  • Remote monitoring and control of your Wi-Fi thermostat
  • Access to cost reducing recommendations based on your set point schedule
  • Real-time estimates of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly expense
  • A flexible set point schedule to autonomously match your provided budget based on changes in energy costs and weather
  • Notifications when unexpected changes in your system are detected such as efficiency decreases and impending failure

Figure 1.1

Potential Benefits for Electric Power Companies

Acomni Ondo gives power utility companies access to the largest consumption of household power: the HVAC system. With this information, companies can learn and incentivize customer habits. Ondo's algorithm is based around energy efficiency allowing Ondo to pre-cool systems automatically before peak hours; in effect, Ondo also allows users to remain comfortable while power utilities avoid stress to their grid. With Ondo, companies will access back-up power plants less and eventually reduce the need to construct additional power plants overall.

For electric utility companies Ondo provides:

  • Direct access to customer HVAC usage data
  • A flexible dispersion of peak hour usage
  • The ability to efficiently handle demand response events
  • Increased grid energy efficiency leading to lower Capital Expenditures
  • A look beyond the meter to incentivize individual residence behavior

The Ondo device interior hardware (patent pending).